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Help Desk

With Paytechsoft Help Desk- Automatically customize your customer inquiry system and resolve customer queries immediately!

Help Desk Features

Support & Customer Essentials

Ui driven Help Desk is built to boost your customer satisfaction beyond expectations

Server Management

It is easy to use server management to keep track of all customer inquiries and get involved with the timestamp.

SSL Implementation

We understand that every business needs the security we provide for your feature to stay on time.

Client Mapping

The smart system ensures that our customers need help our team handles one issue and thus saves time.

Alerts and Notification

Timely remind our team to clients expired product to renew no delays. Also, update the client on every change in the API status to avoid Blocking of sites.


Be the face of your customer Help Desk & enhance the user experience by customizing Help Desk with your logo, URL, agents & canned messages & email templates.

Reporting and Dashboard

Monitor Server, site performance, SSL Expired Date, request response time, a quick holistic view and much more.

Scheduling Reports

Organize customized and customized reports so you can get them in your inbox from time to time.


Client Essentials

clients are our priority.

Problem Management

Organize, analyze the causes of reduced frequency of events to improve the productivity of your IT help desk.

Hosting Problems

Resolve complex, Hosting Problems

Experts Help

Discuss some Server issuess with experts from all over your company to find the best solutions while kept public

Classify Clients group

Provide access to different projects, categories and subdivisions for different client groups where the agent is may be displayed in a specific department for more than one project.

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